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3CTICK Mexico

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3CTICK Mexico

Hйctor Jimйnez a.k.a 3ctick, born in catastrophic and sublime Mexico City, from youth begin with the music's pleasure and of the whole environment of her, their road begins in the music with electronic tendencies with artists like The Prodigy among several…

Of there taking road listening and mixing Trance, Progressive and House, in the year 2000 begin to be interested in sounds but organic with certain characteristic to the psychedelic movement, thanks to a good one his friend listening vinyls artists like Sun Project, Kox box, Gms, Astral Proyection among other…

In the year 2001 enter to the scene completely mixing Goa and Psytrance in local parties and in bars, always conserving their essence under.

Throughout the years and every time but elevating their capacity to understand the music trance thoroughly knows tendencies like Hi Tech and Psy-Dark

He falls in love since with the same ones their derived beginnings of Goa they take it of the hand with the roar and power of those already mentioned.

Their sets is characterized with changes by tone, dark and harmonious pads, deafening leads and aggressive & staminic bass lines.

Now he is working in their Live Act and collaborating in tracks with colleagues like Mezcalito, Cerebral Death and Datura Inoxia among other, wait for them very soon…………


3CTICK Mexico
3CTICK Mexico

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